LENGTH: 109mins

Heavy the Story of Metal, VH1 23rd May 2006
The rise of MTV and Def Leppard

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American Bandstand, USA 21st May 1983
Band interview
Rock of Ages

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C4, UK 1984 (20 mins)
Band interview on a boat in Australia
Also includes various Lep promo video snippets

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I Love 1983, VH1 17th Dec 2002
Def Leppard feature looking back at 1983

Super Station, Japan Jan 1984
Rock! Rock! (till you drop)
Band interview

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MTV, USA 1983
I Want my MTV ad
MTV station ID
Segment on Joe Butcher Axis last show as Lep support act
Interview with Joe & Rick
Segment on Joe's laryngitis
Segment on Pyromania cassetes selling as well as vinyl
Interview with Joe discussing his vocal problems and the Pyromania tour

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All Night Fuji, Japan Jan 1984
Brief band interview
Rock of Ages

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Much Music, Canada Oct 1983
Interview with Joe talking about heavy metal and Pyromania

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MTV, USA 1983
News clip on the re-release of High n Dry

Pyromania cd advert

Pyromania Webisodes June 2009
2 promo features for the deluxe release of Pyromania, featuring various interviews discussing the album.

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Sounds, Australia 30th Jan 1984
Interview with Joe, Sav & Phil

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Mexico 1983
Interview with Joe
Interview with Sav & Steve

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A great compilation of TV appearances and clips. The Japanese ones in particular are rare and well worth watching. This compilation is now on version 2 as I have updated the menus and added an upgrade to Sounds Australia, as well as new footage from Mexico 1983.