LENGTH: 98mins

Various news reports on the progress of Hysteria, Rick's accident and the Monsters of Rock tour 1984-1986

mtv 84 mtv 84

Hysteria ad

hysteria ad

The Roxy, ITV, UK July 1987

animal roxy 87

TV AM, ITV, UK July 1987
Interview with Rick Allen discussing his comeback

tv am 87

Top of the Pops, BBC, UK 17th Sept 1987
Band message
Pour Some Sugar on Me

pssom totp 87

Look North, ITV, UK Sept 1987
News report from Sheffield City Hall, Aug 31st show, with backstage footage and interviews with Ricks mum & Sav
It also features snippets of Rock! Rock!, Another Hit and Run & Women from the show

sheffield ctiy hall 87

The Roxy, ITV, UK Sept 1987
Pour Some Sugar on Me

pssom roxy 87

Music Box, UK 10th Sept 1987 (25 mins)
Interview with Rick & Sav discussing Hysteria, the current UK tour, & their career
It also includes various promo video snippets

music box 87

Beat Box, Ireland 1988 (35mins)
Interview with Joe answering fan questions

beat box 89

San Remo Pop Festival, Italy 27th Feb 1988
Brief interview with Joe & Sav discussing San Remo
Hysteria (version # 1)
Stand By Me
Hysteria (version # 2)

san remo 88 san remo 88
san remo 88 san remo 88

Disco Ring, Italy 1988
Interview with Steve & Phil (in Italian)

A great compilation of TV appearances, shows and clips. Some of the early MTV interviews are high gen, but they are very important as they highlight some of the events of the recording of the Hysteria album. There are some fantastic quality appearances here though, highlights of which include some rare footage from Sheffield in 1987.