LENGTH: 106mins

MTV, USA 1992
Feature on the economic recession

MTV, USA 1993
Band interview discussing Retro Active & Steve Clark

retro active preview 93

Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto, Canada 21st Oct 1992
Interview with Phil & Rick, also features live footage from the show

toronto 92

The Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA, USA, MTV 14th Aug 1992
Backstage interviews & live footage from the show, plus fan interviews

philadelphia 92 philadelphia 92

MTV, USA 1992
News feature on stolen tour truck

Duluth Arena, Duluth, IA, USA 14th Nov 1992
Sav interview
Tear it Down

duluth 92

Much Music 1993
Interview with Joe & Phil

much music 93

Rockumentary, Kanal TV, Norway 1992 (40 mins)
Interview with Joe & Sav, also features Lep promo videos

norway 92

Mexico, 27th Sept 1993
Charity football match press conference with the entire band

mexico 93

MTV, USA 1991
The Week in Rock - Steve's death
New feature on Steve's death, including live footage from Atlanta 1988

Mick Ronson Tribute Concert, Hammersmith Odeon, London, UK 29th April 1994
All the Young Dudes (featuring Joe & Phil)

Ronnie Wood 'Somebody Else Might' promo video
Features a guest appearance by Joe & Karla Elliott

Very good despite a few of the clips on this one being high gen. The highlight on this is the Kanal TV in depth interview. This is now classed as version 2.0 as this disc was originally #7.