LENGTH: 104mins

Let's Get Rocked - The Story of Adrenalize, MTV, UK 1992
Documentary on the making of the new album featuring band interviews, video clips & live performances

story of adrenlaize

Acoustic Session, Madrid, Spain 21st Jan 1993
Bringin on the Heartbreak
Have you ever Needed Someone So Bad
Two Steps Behind
Band interviews

spain acoustic

Sweden, 1992
Make Love Like A Man
Let's Get Rocked


Dan Gallagher's Video Hits, Canada 1992
Interview with Joe discussing the new album

dan gallaghers video hits

Joe discussing Ozzy Osbourne, 1991

discussing ozzy

Joe, Phil & Sav discussing UFO, 1992

discussing ufo

Retro Active preview, MTV, UK 3rd Oct 1993
Interviews with the band
Premiere of Two Steps Behind (live from Don Valley)

retro active preview

Hollywood Report, USA 1993
Interview with Joe & Viv

hollywood report

The Rock, MTV, USA 1991
New album preview

People we will miss - Steve Clark, 1991

Acoustic in Stockholm, Sweden 29th April l993 (25 mins)
Two Steps Behind
Interview with Phil & Joe
Interview with Phil & Joe
Little Wing
Interview with Phil & Joe
Armageddon It

acoustic in stockholm

The Story of Adrenalize is the first version broadcast and is slightly different in its content to the second version (see disc #7). The acoustic session in Spain are highlights of this dvd. This is now classed as version 2.0 as I added Acoustic in Stockholm.